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Unity [ yoo-ni-tee ] oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.

Are you craving a peaceful, joyful, and relaxed relationship with your horse?

Do you value training that empowers your horse to be happy, confident, and secure?

Would you like to have fun with and finally enjoy your horse?

Are you ready to find the root of your horse's behavior and find long term solutions?

Do you want your horse to work to avoid or work to gain?


If it's the latter, Unity Equine is right for you!


Relationship based training is humane and ethical animal training by way of positive reinforcement using behavior science resulting in unity between animal and human. Prioritizing a positive relationship, it excludes pain, punishment, fear, aversives, intimidation, excessive pressure, threats, and force.

Currently Unity Equine, LLC, owned by behaviorist and certified trainer Nichole Hunter, offers relationship based behavior consultations and training and behavior modification for you and your horse at your location and basic horse lessons and trail rides at our location. Unity Equine, LLC is in the process of developing a facility that will be able to accommodate training horses and clinics in the future. 

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